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On December 13, 2021 at 7 Pm JKT In the Pejuang Crypto ID Telegram Group, AMA started with Stay In Destiny World. Mr. Harry (Co-founding Advisor) and Mr. Jacky (World Architect) as guest speaker and MAAManda from Pejuang Crypto ID as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Twitter and Live Chat will get total reward $100.

Segment 1 — Questions From Pejuang Crypto ID

Q1: Could you describe your background and role in the Stay In Destiny World project?

Harry: Im the CoFounding Advisor at SIW, handling investment & partnership w our Backers. I am a VC myself, I ran 2 funds invested over 100+ projects.

Beside, Im also a Founder of a Tech Company doing Audio Social Network (will soon be revealed!)

Jacky: I’m the World Architect of Stay In Destiny World, who ideas and plan for development of the project.

Before we dive deeper into the Stay In Destiny World project, we have a fun question for you Mr. Harry, Mr. Jackie.

Fun Q: What are your best and worst investments in crypto? could you please answer it? 😁

Harry: Best is SIW. Worst was in SLP hahaha. But my mistake with SLP gives me alot of experience and insights. To make sure SIW will be better designed!

Jacky: My best investment and also worst investments is BNB. I have purchased much BNB at 5$ and then taken profit when it 11$

Q2: Can you briefly describe the Stay In Destiny World project to our community? what is that?

Harry: Stay In Destiny World is a Defi NFTs game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building.

Stay In Destiny World is developed on the BSC platform which is well supported in terms of technology. In addition, the number of users of this platform is also increasing a lot. Low GAS fees and high stability in BSC create better game experience for players.

Q3: What makes your project different from the others that people should take a look at Stay In Destiny World?

Jacky: Unlike other project you have known. Our project have two special things:

  • The NFTs Characters have no rarity level (Ex: common, rare, supper rare, etc). But the different among Character are rarity stats. Players will plan their best strategy to make their Character become more rare, reach higher ranking. 90% NFTs such as wearables, consumables and equipment will be found in-game.
  • - The in-game economic has built base on infinite deflation. No one, even myself can not calculate exact the return income when participate in the game. It is totally depend on the player strategy. There are many ways people can earn and play the game. It is a “fair-launch” game-play and earn to every player

Q4: What are the major milestones that the Stay In Destiny World project has achieved so far? sale, project improvement, etc.

Harry: Within 20 days after going public, we’ve reached incredible achievements and got lots of attention

Here’s the recap of our highlights in 20 days:
100K+ Telegram members
60K+ Twitter followers
30K+ Facebook followers
Press Release from vast media channels
Daily Quest — first game feature released
200,000 $SIW Airdrop Campaign is still running
35+ top-notch VC and Communities globally.
we just finished our first IDO today with 1000+ addresses added!

Q5: What are your further plans for your project? or, what are your project plans in the next 3 quarters? sale, project improvement, etc.

Jacky: In next 3 qater, we will:
- Listing on top tier CEX
- Release Community DAO
- Improvement Game-play Experience
- Improvement “Play for Living” concept
- Improvement In-game Marketplace and Auction
- Improve the In-game Economic and Community Building.
- Release new features, upgrade and evolve game-play functions.
- Release Molaka Metaverse (Molaka World)

Could I ask a little more? Which token will be used in Stay In Destiny World, and what’s Molaka? could you describe it?

The token will be used in Stay In Destiny World are:

1. SIW
- To acquire NFTs in the in-game marketplace
- Lock SIW to participate in Community Competition
- Stake to earn MOLA
- Upgrade equipment
- Exchange on DEX or CEX

At the first stage, can only be used for exchange the Infinity Stone (NFT). It can not be traded on any exchanges.

3. NFTs
- Consumables: 3 types
- Wearables: 4 types
- Characters

Segment 2 — Questions From Twitter

TQ 1: by @eetikrd (eetikrd)
We all know that for now play 2 earn gaming/nft still be trend on crypto and your project also adopt play 2 earn gaming, my question is, when play 2 earn gaming trend is over and it’s not have any hype anymore, and your project maybe Will get impact on it, what Will you do to Gain hype to your project and Prevent this project Will be dead project? Because it’s important because many investor Want invest in long term.

Harry: We appreciates the hype and understand it is utmost important for any project to start with. However the smart investors who want to be in the long term will choose SIW. Since we build for sustainable growth and development, not for the short term. Even when the market is bear, it will not affect much to our investors/gamers/backers. So rest assure you will be fine for the downtrend 🙏.

TQ 2: by @omgery (omgery)
What’s your strongest feature that makes this project different from the other games? As we know there are lots and lots play to earn and NFT games out there.

Jacky: — Our game are 100% in-house products.

- Our in-game economic has built on infinity deflation method. In other words, the supply will never meet the demand.

- We build the community base on our deep knowledge of Crypto market and User behavior. We target the right players, people with pure investment experiences, and the one who want to combine investment with entertainment.

All we had to do: build the game’s balance mechanism, and graphic it in the way that appeals to the most users.

TQ 3: by @Aishwa59240730 (Aishwa)
What is your strategy to increase the added value in this game from time to time? where is the player’s target to be able to win this game as a whole? what will they get if they have successfully completed the game?

Jacky: As mentioned last moment, no one can calculate what they can earn when participating in the game. Which mean: as long as you are still with the game, you can still earn income by many ways. Also, the rewards distribution will be base on your strategy, and from the top tier player to the lowest player on Ranking Board.

TQ 4: by @iip_ar (iip Abdurrahman)
Question sir… How you will do to get the gamer’s adopted? How to attract more players into our community? And i hope u will create 2 token, one as main token and other as reward token just like axie and slp.,, thanks

Harry: We have various ways including (but not exhausted to) airdrop, KOLs shill, social marketing, community partnership,…

1. We don’t create products just to fix the inadequacies of other products. We have our own ways, plans and unique things come along the development.
2. Our deflation mechanism has been designed to make the game balancing itself. Every other GameFi project are looking on: how to maintain the deflation.
3. It will be more fun in future, when we release other features and game-play functions.

TQ 5: by @aji1_cahyo (Arif Cahyo Aji)
What are the benefits of buying your tokens especially now that we are in a bear market? What are the advantages of holding $SIW for a long time?

Harry: SIW will be a sustainable token with a steady grow in long-term. And as we grow, SIW’s investors will be better off by evolving gameplay & community in the long run.

Jacky: Hold SIW is also a way to enter the game, participating in the NFT supply chain for the market of the game.

Segment 3— Live Chat Question

Q1 (Jelly Bean): Will the characters have the same rarity level when released?

Harry: Definitely. All our characters will be equally ranked at the first released. Thats also the beauty of our game, it requires player to invest both time & money, also knowledge if wanna be the top.

Q2 (Hayden Andrew): Can a free player join SIW and how?

Harry: Hey Hayden, great question.

Yes of course you can, free players can do missions such as logins, share tweets to claim daily rewards (treasure box) and get consumables + wearables,.

Q3 (Yusri Pe): How many ppl are in the development team?

Harry: Im always grateful to share about our talented team. We had 17 in total in recruiting 20+ more in the upcomings..

Q4 (Coss): Users are afraid of fraudulent and carpet pulling projects in the market. What are you doing to make people believe and trust your project? How much does community care, does your project want to build a reliable and large community?

Harry: We went through careful auditing process and verified our blockchain. Our team is not anonymous and ready to take bullets if our project has problem.

Q5 (HechaHechi): How many hardcapital do you get up to now, and how much is your target price in the q1 2022 and Will the price go down when many people sell their game earning?

Harry: 1.6M already! And no token will not decrease in price since we designed our burning mechanism to protect it!

Project Detail:
Telegram SIW:
Channel TG:

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